Pro Bono Advisory Board

Gary Ponti, Advisory Board President

Gary PontiGary Ponti received his bachelor’s degree from Gonzaga University and his law degree from Gonzaga School of Law. He enjoys practicing family law, because he finds it very gratifying to help people resolve legal issues. Gary volunteers with BMAC Pro Bono because he feels that           many clients would otherwise not be able to receive legal aid. Gary serves both as a               volunteer attorney and president of  the Advisory Board. During his leisure time, he              enjoys golfing, playing tennis, cycling, running, skiing, and officiating high school baseball.                                                                                      

Lorena Ault

aultLorena Ault received a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Business and Administration, and a diploma in International Commerce from ITESM, Mexico campus. She works as a bilingual domestic violence and sexual assault advocate. Her work entails trauma-informed advocacy for individuals. She facilitates support groups for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and provides one-on-one counseling. Because she also helps clients navigate the legal system, Lorena has been involved with BMAC Pro Bono since the courthouse began offering protection order clinics in 2004, and continues to serve the courthouse through protection order clinics. She enjoys animal advocacy, listening to music, dancing, reading, fashion, and decoration in her spare time.

Theresa Hampson

Theresa Hampson received a bachelor’s degree and a law degree from The University of Washington. She practices federal agency law under the Clean Water Act and the Army Civil Works Program for the Army Corps of Engineers Office of Counsel. When she’s not working, she enjoys swimming, cycling, hiking, skiing, and reading. Theresa began serving on the Pro Bono Advisory Board four years ago, but has been involved with the program and its clients through the YWCA for over ten years.

John Hartzell

John HartzellJohn Hartzell graduated from Whitman College with a degree in English. He went on to earn another bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Education before receiving a law degree from the Whittier School of Law. He enjoys practicing family law because it allows him to serve a diverse set of clients. Outside of the office, he enjoys watching movies, writing, and camping. While his family accuses him of being argumentative, he says that he simply enjoys a good debate. He is on the Pro Bono Advisory Board because he wants to see the legal system accessible to every member of society, and he wants to shape the policy that drives this endeavor to fruition.

Bridie Hood

IMG_12Bridie Hood received her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Idaho. She now lives in Walla Walla and works as a family law attorney. While not at the office, she enjoys cooking, baking, riding horses, and spending time with her children. She has assisted Pro Bono clients for seventeen years and has served on the Pro Bono Advisory Board for two years. As of May of 2013, Bridie has also begun serving as the Walla Walla County Court Facilitator.

Jamie L. Lewellyn

Jamie LewellynJamie Lewellyn graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Political Science, Women’s Studies, and Sociology. She received her law degree from Gonzaga Law School, and practices family law, collaborative law, misdemeanor defense, and mediation. She has served two years on the Pro Bono                                                                    Advisory Board and enjoys photography, traveling, and                                                                  gardening.

Kathy Martin

Kathy MartinKathy Martin is the Walla Walla County Clerk. She began working in the Clerk’s office in 1979 and became County Clerk in 1988. She is one of the senior elected officials in Walla Walla County. She keeps all Superior Court records and files and takes general minutes of what occurs in the court.  Kathy enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and horses, riding four-wheelers, camping, and snowmobiling. She has been serving on the Pro Bono Advisory Board for longer than she can remember, and also serves on several boards and associations for Washington County Clerks.

Chalese Rabidue

Wchalesecalhoonalla Walla Police Department- Domestic Violence Services


Kathy Covey


Covey started at Blue Mountain Action Council in 1978 after graduating from Eastern Washington University, and has been the community services director there since 1997.She has directed a number of programs, including adult literacy, youth and adult employment, emergency food distribution, transitional housing, AmeriCorps and support services for veterans and families. As well, the longtime Walla Walla resident has worked on numerous agency boards and currently serves on the statewide Community Jobs Advisory and Washington Food                                                          Coalition board of directors.

David Surratt

SurrattDavid Surratt is currently the Legal Assistant for Northwest Justice Project. Surratt believes that those who have the ability to give back to the community should do so and becoming a member of the Pro Bono Board is one way for him to give back to the Walla Walla community. He also volunteers his time for the Walla Walla Traffic Safety and DUI Task Force, Walla Walla Community Service Council, and the Headstart/ECEAP Board as a community representative. David is a  confirmed “chess-a-holic” and enjoys spending his free time by playing, reading, eating, breathing and dreaming about chess.

Sandy Flores


In 2008, Sandy Flores received her combined mathematics/economics degree from Whitman College. Flores then went on to earn a J.D. degree from the University of Idaho College of Law in 2011. Currently she works with dependency and criminal misdemeanor matters. Flores has primarily worked for   legal aid services and continues to advocate for free legal access to all. When she returned to her hometown in Walla Walla, she was determined to find the best way to continue to offer her pro bono services and reintegrate herself in the community. For Sandy, joining the Pro Bono Program board seemed like a logical fit.

Wendy Hernandez

Wendy Hernandez initially received an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, and eventually went on to get a law degree. She now lives in Walla Walla and practices immigration law. When she is not working, she likes to bike, ski, read, and spend time with her grandchildren. She occasionally assists Pro Bono staff members with any immigration questions they may have, and has been on the Pro Bono Advisory Board since 2009.